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Hi there, I'm Nicole!

My income stream-building journey started in 2008 when I found myself suddenly single after fifteen years of marriage, raising a teen and a tween on my own. (Did I mention one was a boy? My future Marine. The kid can eat.) All I could do was leap and hope a net appeared.


My goal was to become a published author, a journey that began in a roundabout way with a blog. I learned more than I ever intended, like WordPress, how to build websites, SEO, working with brands, the feeling of accomplishment that only comes from stepping outside of my comfort zone, how to pivot, and ways to simplify the process for everyone else.


Let me help you step outside your comfort zone while providing the safety net I didn’t have all those years ago.

My gift? I see the potential in everyone and encourage them to shine.

Maybe it’s the mom in me. Maybe it’s because I get a special thrill from watching others grow.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve helped people find a way to live the life of their dreams. Whether you want to be an author or an entrepreneur, I can help you achieve your goal while preserving your sanity, protecting your time, and preventing costly mistakes.

Three things you probably didn't know about me...


In 2008, I accidentally found success as a single mom blogger after a literary agent told me I needed a social media platform. I was invited to join Deep South Moms, part of the Silicon Valley Moms blog network. Then Yahoo! invited me to join their Motherboard. And I even had a post picked up and syndicated by McClatchy News Service.


I love marketing. I love trying new things. I love case studies. I have learned to love numbers. So, it came as no surprise when I discovered my top five strengths are: intellection, futuristic, developer, learner, and input. Luckily, I’m a number seven activator, or I’d never get anything done. 


I love to travel, but the pandemic turned me into a hermit. I believe in building relationships, my longest one being my best friend of nearly forty years. 




And I wholeheartedly believe everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. 

Kind words from clients...

I’ve worked with Nicole from the beginning.
Every year our business together grows.
At times, I’d be lost without her.
Nicole's coaching helped me close the gaps and stop the leaks in my business, making it much, much more profitable!
Nicole is an invaluable plotting partner and part of my series and book planning. She understands plot and character and the way I think. She is a master at creating stories!
The Book World Domination Plan is a great way to get organized in your writing business--but that's not all Seven Streams Authors does. Nicole figures out what authors need--before they even know they need it--and then gives it to them. And her services and products are affordable. I am a happy customer for life!