Meet Nicole...

Hi, I’m Nicole!


My goal is to help everyone achieve multiple streams of income to create financial stability. 


If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that having one job is no longer safe. Plus, I love learning new things, being challenged, and problem solving. Naturally, creating multiple streams of income checks all my boxes. Follow along on my journey as we grow our income and recession proof our lives together. 


Ten Things You Should Know About Me


1. I love words. My earliest memories are of playing library and wanting to be an author. 


2. After I wrote my first book (now published under a pen name), I tried to find a literary agent. The agent told me the book was good, but I needed a social media platform. A blog and stuff. (This was 2008.) 


3. In 2008, I was the single mom of a 14 year old and an 11 year old. I was terrified and determined. So, I wrote all about it on my now defunct blog: Suddenly Single Journey. 


4. In the early days of blogging, I had no idea what I was doing, but somehow my writing attracted enough attention that I was invited to be a member of Deep South Moms, part of the Silicon Valley Moms blog network.


5. My first blog post for Deep South Moms was syndicated by McClatchy News Service. After that, I was invited to join the Yahoo! Mother Board. They brought us to California for three days to learn how to be better bloggers. This opened even more doors. For a while, I also wrote for Shine. 


6. The luck continued. I married my husband in 2011. We had our daughter, a micro-preemie in 2012. Born at 9.6 ounces, she spent 183 days in the NICU before she was able to come home. Not sure how that was lucky? She finally came home. 


7. Because she came home on a g-tube, oxygen, and a heart monitor, there would be no working outside of the home. This meant I had to find a way to earn a living from home. Micro-preemies aren’t cheap. 


8. A blog reader knew my dream of being a published author, hooked me up with an indie author, and I published my first novel in February of 2013. 


9. Since then, I have published more than thirty books under multiple pen names. Author friends noticed my successful marketing efforts. That’s how my author business, Love Kissed Books LLC was born January 1, 2016.


10. Love Kissed has grown to employ 12 people, and resulted in multiple websites and sister sites. I’ve been known to see the potential in others, and force them kicking and screaming into greatness. 


Case in point…Rachel! 

Current Income Streams Count: 13

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Let me help you create and grow your streams too!