The Seven Streams Project isn’t my first business.  Or my last. 


Right now, I run several. And one thing they all have in common is I watch my bottom line by running a lean mean business machine. 


My secret: Lifetime Deals from AppSumo. 


Through the years, I’ve saved THOUSANDS on these deals. The other day, I made my shopping list for this year. And I thought I’d share some of the products I use, and products you might want to use to save money too. 


My 2023 Black Friday AppSumo Suggestions


  • Launchcart: I just purchased this. I plan to use it to replace my Shopify account. I had my VA test it out. She also helped me set up my Shopify store. She loved this. I trust her. We bought. And we’re setting up shop. Ten shops, actually. I’ll report back. 

  • Sociamonials: I’ve been using this for years. This integrates easily with the social media platforms so I can share my content calendar and have my VA schedule for me. Buy it once and use it FOREVER. 

  • Group Collector: If you buy nothing else, grab this. Why? I use it to manage all my Facebook groups. I set up questions for people to answer in order to access. I set the permissions. Group Collector allows them access based on their answers AND adds their email addresses to my email server. So. Simple. 

  • BigVu: I’ve heard good things I have not used it. I’m thinking about adding it, since it’s a teleprompter and I would love to record a video with fewer ‘ums.’ If you struggle with this, BigVu could be for you. 

  • AppMySite: We have this. We even have apps on Google play because of this. For Apple you will need a special account. I think it’s $99/year. Please don’t quote me. Super simple to make apps. 

  • BrilliantDirectories: I have this. I have a plan for it, but have not yet implemented it because it’s for a new project. This can work as a membership site. I plan to use it as a directory of service providers in my field. 

  • Wobb: This is for influencer discovery. I’ve been looking into working with influencers, so this caught my eye. 

  • Transcript.LOL: I’m picking this up to replace my current method for video transcripts since this could save so much money. Why have transcripts? It’s always best to make everything we create as accessible as possible for everyone. This means video, audio, and transcripts for course creation. 

  • Headway: Since this is only for new accounts, I’m kicking myself for setting it up on my phone before finding it on AppSumo. I love the challenges. I love learning. This feeds those needs in me. 

  • Emailee: This is a way to put your email signature on steroids. I’m super excited about this. There are over 60 templates to choose from. And I can’t wait to try them. 

  • PinGenerator: Have this. So excited to use this to simplify my Pinterest posting. I’ve done my research and this is the social platform I plan to grow next and with ease. PinGenerator will integrate with my blog and other platforms. 

  • AnyChat: With this handy dandy popup, customers can reach me any way I choose to share. I’m hoping this helps streamline things on my end and ensure I provide the best support. 

  • FlipBooklets: I have Heyzine, but I love it so much, I had to share this option. We use flipbooks to share the interiors of many printable products. Allowing customers to flip through has definitely increased sales and helped build trust. 

  • Blogify: Since video is huge, I’m looking for ways to streamline content creation. This tool is supposed to help turn video and audio into blog content. And I’m here for it. 

  • We just snagged this deal. Why? Yes, it’s a form with a checkout process. (Which should allow us to replace Gravity Forms.) It’s also supposed to help us create quizzes, which I’d love to use to help with the customer journey. 

  • PodOps: Although I swore I’d never have a podcast, this year my business partner made me crack. We have a plan. We’re starting in December. And this promises to help us set one up and get the podcast listed all the places. If you’re thinking of podcasting, then this could help you. 



Affiliate Disclosure:

Please note: I’m an AppSumo affiliate. If you choose to purchase any of these products, I may be eligible for a commission. Also, I don’t recommend products I know, like, and trust. AppSumo has a 60-day return policy. I’ve used it. And that’s why I feel comfortable sharing. 

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